“Let me begin at the beginning. The concept of The World Federation dawned upon us by the events in Uganda.”

So began Marhum Mulla Asgherali M.M. Jaffer’s inaugural address at the First Constitutional Conference of The World Federation in 1976. Forty-seven years on, and The World Federation has seen multiple challenges, however grown from strength to strength. The World Federation has matured, evolved and expanded in breadth, depth and scope, providing services to both the Khoja community and also beyond.

This legacy that we hold today with great pride and cherishing is the product of enlightened and envisioned individuals who came together to project their future. Now, it is upon us to project ours – to design a path for the institution to take, to shape OUR tomorrow – today

With immense pleasure, The World Federation launches its first ever Youth Conference!  

Inviting all young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to come together to brew ideas, tap into the power of oneness and create a blueprint for The World Federation they will lead tomorrow; and of course not forgetting good food and fun too!

Interested delegates are invited to apply via the application form below by 14th April 2023.

Our selection team, with advice from regional representatives intend to confirm your participation by 16th April 2023. Please only apply once you have read and understood the processes & policies on the below link.

In creating our future, we must recognise those who have been instrumental towards the vibrancy of the youth within our community. Nominate your youth and/or your youth bodies for the various awards up for grabs before the 30th April 2023. More details below:

More details (including speakers) to be revealed in due course. Until then, sit tight and vibe with our updates on social media!

Any queries can be addressed to your regional representatives or directly to