Respected Community Members and Zawwar of Sayyid-ush-Shuhada (a)

Salamun Alaykum,

It is heartening to note that thousands of community members across the globe are embarking on their journeys towards Karbala for the commemoration of Arbaeen as well as attending majalis in their hometowns. On this occasion, we ask all members of the community (especially the zawwar of Imam Husayn (a)) to remember us in their duas during these most sacred days.

In the past few weeks, concerning reports have surfaced of misconduct within our communities. These reports do not befit the followers of Islam, the maktab of Ahl al-Bayt (a), and the KSIM Community that prides itself for its upholding of the highest standard of religious and moral values. These reports have deeply saddened us and reaffirm our resolve in ensuring we collectively create a safe and sacred space for our community members globally.

It is our obligation as leaders of a vibrant and growing community, to take such matters seriously and ensure that we have collective guidelines and policies to manage these situations, should they arise.

Whether it is private groups or events or committees and structures within our jamaats and regions, there must be clear policies surrounding upright moral conduct expected of each and every one of us. These guidelines must include mechanisms for thorough investigation when matters are reported, robust preventative measures such as education, well-articulated moral conduct and safeguarding policies, and free, confidential, professional support for the vulnerable to be able to report and seek assistance.  Whilst many of our jamaats and institutions have safeguarding policies in place, more could be done to widen the scope and include both a strategy and broader framework to tackle these matters holistically.

The World Federation of KSIMC, together with ALL the Six Regional Members, Africa Federation, CoEJ, FAC, India Federation, NASIMCO and Pakistan Federation reaffirm our commitment to creating safe and secure environments for each one of our community members, especially the most vulnerable in society. It is as a global body that we come together in the spirit of the righteous and moral code of conduct brought to us by the Holy Prophet (saw) and his righteous, illuminated Progeny (a).

In collaboration and consultation with our Regional Members, The World Federation will shortly be setting up a task force with a mandate to draft a comprehensive set of measures and policies to ensure safeguarding at all levels of our community, with a clear strategy for implementation. These guidelines will serve as direction and guidance for our entire community in all settings. This matter will Inshallah be discussed at the next Executive Council meeting in Karachi in December 2023, leading to eventual adoption of a global policy at the next The World Federation Conference next year.

The World Federation, alongside its Regional Federations, are ready to face challenges of our time and I have no doubt with the sincerity with which we work, and capabilities we have, we will be able to address these challenges head on. We pray to Allah (SWT) to increase our Tawfiq, to help us embark on this very important endeavor, with the guidance of our Ulema, community leaders, and experts.

Safder Jaffer
The World Federation of KSIMC