MCE conducted its first Tarbiyah Teachers Training Programme Online on 17 October. It was held with 16 teachers from the Jaffaria Academy. The Jaffaria Academy is a unique online school which combines Islamic and British values by using the English National Curriculum, which is taught by qualified and experienced teachers. All classes are held online with unique hub classes which encourages group social activities with the help of spiritual development. It was launched in September 2020.

The Tarbiyah training programme normally takes place in person for Madrasah teachers and can take up to one and a half days. However, due to the current climate and the need to teach our high achieving Tarbiyah curriculum to teachers outside the madaris, the MCE team decided to take the initiative to transfer the training to online facilitation.

Overall we received great feedback from the teachers.

What are the objectives of the online curriculum training programme?