Dear Community Members,

Salamun Alaykum

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Madrasah Centre of Excellence, we reflect on this milestone achievement of our community. The journey that started in Dubai exactly 10 years ago, when global Madaris experts from all regions, both teachers and scholars, qualified practitioners and community leaders converged in Dubai to discuss, collaborate and work together with one aim in mind: how to strengthen our Madaris.

This meeting ultimately led to the birth of Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) with the main value of MCE being clearly articulated as ‘Nurturing Piety (TAQWA)’.

During this time, MCE has not only become a pillar of our global community structure but a necessity that needs to evolve with time to meet the needs of our children of the new generation.

MCE identified four key workstream areas, which have continuously improved annually. These key areas are vital in the functioning of MCE and optimise its effectiveness. You can view each milestone progression in the charts below.

We are very excited to celebrate 10 years of MCE with the tremendous achievement that not only The World Federation is proud of, but the entire global Khoja Shia community should be proud of. As well as our Tarbiya curriculum, the teachers training programmes have also become a gold star for the entire Shia community worldwide. The World Federation has already signed a number of memorandum of understanding with other Shia communities globally for the roll out of Tarbiya both in North America and Europe.

Albeit all the good work, we need to be cognizant of the fast changing times particularly with the new modes of teaching and technology. Thus we are continually adapting in conveying the values of Qur’an as expounded by the Ahlul Bayt (as) by adapting to new teaching methods and styles as well as the digitalisation of the curriculum. MCE is equipped to take us forward, Inshallah with your continued duas and support.

Mabrook to all at MCE and to the global madaris teachers, students and parents. It is ALL OF US AS ONE COMMUNITY that we have realised this dream collectively and it is ALL OF US AS ONE COMMUNITY working together that will Inshallah take this to higher heights in the many years to come, Inshallah.

We continue to pray for the ongoing success of MCE and of our global madaris.


Safder Jaffer
WF President


What is Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE)?

A global structural lead, whose main aim is to provide a pathway for the development of Madrasah and a central place of contact for Madaris to seek help, support and training in the running of their institutions.

What is Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE)?

What is Curriculum Development?

The continuous development of a robust and evolving global Islamic curriculum framework. This includes regional variation, modern teaching and learning methodologies, support material for students, teachers and parents in various forms whilst retaining core knowledge and spiritual ethos.

What is Curriculum Development?

“I see the 10 years of MCE as a testament of The WF and Khoja delivery at its best. We have entered a digital era where the next chapters in our childrens’ Islamic education have all the ingredients to have further reach and nurturing in a fast-paced and connected world”
– Arifali Hirji, Secretary General

What is Teacher Development?

To facilitate the provision of training to meet the training needs of the madrasah teachers. It also creates a body that represents Madrasah teachers globally, providing support and a forum for teachers to interact, share valuable experiences and learn from.

What is Teacher Development?

What is Madrasah Assessment?

To co-create, pilot, implement and evaluate a process for assessment of Madaris. It creates a learning environment for all, where the students, teachers and institutions are assessed with a view to continually improve.

What is Madrasah Assessment?

“Alhamdulillah, it is a great joy to see MCE complete the first 10 years of many more 10 years to come. The real fruits of MCE’s work will only be tasted when children who have completed the entire journey of Tarbiyah from ages 4 to 15, graduate from the madrasah and become role models for future generations.”
– Naushad Mehrali, Head of MCE


A Tribute:
Marhum Syed Hassan Naqvi

The Enabler of Tableegh in the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Community
(via  KhojaNews )

Marhum Syed Hassan Naqvi with Eminent scholars, leaders and volunteers of the community at The World Federation’s Madrassa Retreat in Dubai 2011

Marhum Syed Hassan Naqvi with Eminent scholars, leaders and volunteers of the community at The World Federation’s Madrassa Retreat in Dubai 2011.

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