The External Tableegh department of the World Federation organised screenings for Muharram lectures in Bosnia as part of its Tableegh activities in the West.

Eleven video series titled Karbala – a Battle for Ta’weel, by Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Saeed Bahmanpour (2011/1433 AH) were translated and subtitled in Bosnian language for viewership purpose. These videos were screened at their centers during the first eleven nights of Muharram with limited attendance, within the constraints of the guidelines laid by the government to minimize the risk of spreading the infection.

Muharram in Bosnia

Some of the topics that this series cover are:

1. What happened to the community of Muslims that they agreed to be ruled by someone like Yazid?

2. Why the word Ta’wil is used and not Tafsir?

3. What does Ta’wil mean in the Qur’an?

4. What is the meaning of the Ta’wil and why we need someone to explain the Qur’an to us?

5. Proponents of the literal interpretation of the Qur’an

6. The different meanings of Ta’wil given by our Imam (as)

7. Why Imam Hussain (as) could not swear allegiance to Yazid?

8. The Hadith which says that Amir al-Mu’minin will fight for Ta’wil, after the Holy Prophet (saw) fought for Tanzil

9. The two different types of verses – Muhkam and Mutashaabih

10. How can a thousand and a half years old interpretations be relevant to today’s problems?

11. The cause of God’s wrath

12. What happened in the early period of Islam that led to this catastrophic event in which Hussain (as) and his companions were mercilessly killed?


Muharram in Bosnia 2

The videos were also uploaded on the center’s YouTube channel, one video premiering every night during the first 11 days of Muharram, and made available for the wider audience and have received more than 700 views altogether.

Alhamdulillah, Mu’mineen from Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro also benefit from our activities in Bosnia as they share a common language.

These sessions were well appreciated by the community members and we received a few comments on the videos:

‘This is the truth he speaks about. We must not allow anyone to divide us based on mad’habs’
– Muharem Cenanovic

‘I love people who give well-founded and rational views on Islam.’
– Ibrahim Mamic